The UTRADE FX Team will be holding seminars on a bi-weekly basis.
The seminar details are as below:

1) Seminar Topic - Introduction to Forex Trading and UTRADE FX MT4

With the launch of our latest product, UTRADE MT4, we will like to educate our clients with the basic knowledge of LFX, whereby clients can learn to take advantage of opportunities during various market conditions. LFX allows you to express your views on the market by either go long or short.

Take this opportunity to learn more about UTRADE LFX and the MT4 platform, and have your queries answered by our very own LFX team.

- What is LFX?
- How LFX works?

2) Seminar Topic - Mastering UTRADE FX MT4 Platform

Master the tools available on the UTRADE FX MT4 trading platform. Charts, news feeds and alerts are but several to enhance your trading experience and help you in making your trading decisions.

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